Wedding is one of the most important events for the bride and groom.  Capturing weddings photographs is a challenging task for photographers. They capture the happiest and precious moments of the couple’s life. Photographers carry a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. 

When it comes to wedding photos, hire best wedding photographer you can afford, meet them, chat them because your photos will be with you for the rest of your life. When the wedding is over your wedding photos are the only thing that captures and hold onto those moments.

Haythem Lafhaj is one of the best wedding photographers in the USA. He is a creative wedding photographer who loves to capture wonderful wedding moments and bring them to life. Hire him and let him capture the special moments that you can cherish throughout your life. He shares the common wedding photography mistakes that you should avoid for a great wedding shoot.

Wedding photography contract not signed

If you are not signing wedding photography contract with your client than it creates problems for you in the long term and may also end up in a mess. Everything should be mentioned and discussed in detail in this contract.

Finalization of poses

You have to decide the poses ahead of time because random poses with the bride and groom can create conflicts and disagreements. So, it is important to finalize the poses of the couple.

Absence of coordinator

Couples won’t be there to help on the final day. So, it is important that the photographer should ask for a coordinator. Sibling or close friends can take responsibility as coordinator.  If couples are not available than coordinator attend all the meeting and also help in arranging your close ones for the group photos. This makes coordination easy between you and the couple.

Don’t miss the firsts

You can’t afford to miss your wedding firsts as these moments you can cherish throughout your lifetime. These firsts are first dance, first look, etc. Missing firsts is one of the biggest wedding photography mistakes and show your unprofessionalism.

Wedding shoot without an assistant

If you are alone then you will face trouble with handling a lot of work. So, go with an assistant to reduce your lot of work burden because it is tough to do wedding photoshoot solo.

Unaware of modern trends

Trends changed with time and if you shoot with same old fashion than it takes away your clients. Your equipment can be new but the knowledge of modern trends is most important.

Losing Patience

Wedding is a stressful day because to capture every moment and you may face different moods of different people. So, the photographer needs a lot of patience. Be patient and focus on your work because you may be disturbed by the children running around the ceremony.

Haythem Lafhaj