So, you are engaged and planning for the most special day of your life to a great extent. Firstly, heart-warming congratulations! Welcome to one of the most amazing parts of your life. Now the time has come to vent that Pinterest board you have had hidden since your fourth date. Ok, maybe your first, second or third. You knew it very well, didn’t you? Obviously, you did!

What you may not have know, however, in spite of a friend who have recently got married, is wedding arranging can be distressing! Choosing your date, preparing bridesmaid list, decoration etc are indeed overwhelming. Moreover, deciding which photographer to hire for the photo shoot and where to perform photo session are the real challenge which every couple encounters nowadays. That’s why it’s always good to decide in advance about the photographer as well as the location for the photo shoots. 

Before, getting engaged, it is always preferable to decide about the photographer ad well as location. Haythem Lafhaj is the best photographer in Washington, DC. Hence, you can approach him if you want to capture your special moments of life forever over a canvas that will speak your love story for the lifetime. Apart from deciding the photographer, you also have to keep in mind the location for the photo shoot. 

Here, we are mentioning outstanding places for an engagement session in Fredericksburg va area, Washington DC. These places are also perfect for pre-wedding or wedding session.

Alum Springs Park       

If you want to add the elegance of nature in your photographs, then Alum Springs Park is indeed the right place for you. Your partner wouldn’t mind to hold you tightly in his arms just to give a romantic pose for the engagement photo session. Photo shoot in the morning would be the best time to steal the beauty of the sun and pour into the photographs!

Christmas Tree Farms

You might be skeptical while thinking for Christmas Tree Farms, but once you visit this place, you will be stunned by its beauty. It seems this place is made for all those love stories which have reached to engagement and wind up with a bright marriage and future ahead. Undoubtedly, it’s the right place for an engagement session in Fredericksburg. Props can also be used just to enhance the beauty of your photographs.

Canal Path – Downtown Fredericksburg 

Your partner wouldn’t mind to kiss you tightly at this place! Yes, Canal path is the awesome place for an engagement photo shoot. The river itself makes the perfect spot for photography. Who wouldn’t love to add drops of beauty in their photographs? Of course, everyone and that’s why we are recommending this amazing place for an engagement session.

Old Mill Park

Want that candid photographs for your Instagram post? Old Mill Park is really an excellent place to capture those most awesome moments of your life with your partner. Create timeless memories by getting your photographs snap by Haythem Lafhaj studios. Hire him today and let him pour his heart to every photograph.

Haythem Lafhaj