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Thank you for your interest in our Internship Program. Throughout the year, we seek passionate young aspiring artists who dream big and are hard working. Our interns are Individuals yearn for real-world experience and complete immersion in the industry of film, photography, education and entrepreneurship. We are open to all national and international applicants.

INTERNSHIP: This mentorship is a great opportunity to build your skills from the ground up as an educational platform and bridge for personal and professional growth. Think of it as a real-world rooted in hands-on learning with curriculum, challenges, and critique. At the end of the internship,  individuals are considered for a full time paid position on the staff. With that said, this internship is paid, and there are many opportunities for bonuses and earning money. We invest in the experience of each intern, which translates to friendship, travel, exposure, maturity and a lot of fun.

Keep in mind that if traveling on a project, all your expenses are paid.


  • Strong core values, positive attitude and willingness to learn are a must.

  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of photography and videography.

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of photography/videography lighting.

  • Basic knowledge and experience with administrative programs. (Word, Excel, Outlook)

  • Basic knowledge and experience of creative programs. (Lightroom, Photoshop etc.)

  • Basic knowledge and experience with social media and web.


  • Production assistance including chauffeuring, equipment management, set staging, lighting, hospitality, craft services, digital asset management and photography and video.

  • Administrative assistance including point of contact for clientele, liaise equipment and studio rental, contact list maintenance, travel arrangement, expense reporting and general administration assistance.

  • A passionate eagerness to learn the industry of film, photography and entrepreneurship.

  • Management of social media, blog, press and online tasks.

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