A wedding photograph is a young couple’s first persona as a new family and the one that will likely beautify that new family’s walls for years. Apart from aspects like exposure and brightness, wedding poses can make or break that newlywed’s first photograph as husband and wife. The credit of taking up outstanding placement on the walls in a huge print emerges with the pressure of getting every element right. An outstanding pose will concurrently charm each other while exhibiting their relation with each other.

Posing is a form of art and takes practice along with understanding some fundamentals. It is vital to familiar with some flawless poses in order to create charming poses with two people. Posing a couple is all about creating a deep connection. A single pose is not enough after all a wedding album should be filled with captivating photographs so that couples can cherish for the lifetime. Playing around with hands, expression and where the couple is looking can make poses that suit the couple. This will also include variety to the wedding album.

But the question that triggers in the mind how one can create an outstanding wedding posed in the finite time available on a wedding day? To resolve this headache, Haythem Lafhaj has come up with some great wedding poses that will add glitz to photography. Simply, take a deep breath and have a glimpse of below-mentioned poses.

Standing Side by Side

One of the quite popular wedding poses is standing side by side. To beautify this pose, create an eye to eye connection. Wrapping arms around the back or holding hands would be a plus point.

Standing Side by Side and One Reversed

It’s another outstanding pose that works best with couple’s arms looped together. One person facing away from the camera turns to look at his or her partner or kiss on their check. This tip is good for including variety, or maybe showcasing the detail at the back of the bride’s dress.

Facing each other

One of the most romantic poses for the wedding photo shoot is facing each other. Looking at each other work great and showcase a lot of connection which is indeed essential for photography. The couple must stand close to each other otherwise distance doesn’t create that emotion of closeness. To make this pose more stunning, holding hands, hand on the waist or kiss on the forehead would be a great idea.

A Warm Hug from Behind

A warm hug from the behind either by the bride or groom creates a perfect wedding pose. A kiss over the neck or on the cheek surely beautifies your wedding album.  This pose work well standing and sitting both.

Holding Hands

It’s an easy pose, and there are numerous ways to perform this pose. Simply holding hands and walking with each other not emphasizing on the camera can create a great pose for wedding photography. Holding hand and creating an eye to eye contact damn a perfect pose.

I hope you will like these wedding pose ideas. You can also share your experience of wedding poses with us or if you are just going to married soon, then it is good to contact Haythem Lafhaj studios for the perfect photography.

Haythem Lafhaj