Winter can be a romantic and beautiful backdrop for an engagement photo session as long as you can withstand the cold. Capture the beauty of the season, filled with snow-topped trees, glistening icicles, dazzling snowscapes, and chilly weather as well as your heartwarming romance. When it comes to the winter engagement shoot, you will want to keep in mind the earlier sunsets and frosty temperature. 

The most overlooked items are tissue, cover-up, hand warmers, layered clothing, warm boots, scarf, hats, etc. Tissue and cover-up used for runny and red noses. The longer you stay warm or withstand the cold, the longer you can shoot for.

There is a lot to keep in mind when scheduling for your engagement photo shoot such as outfits, location etc. Pictures should be more natural and authentic and checked out for a professional photographer who really knows the snow and cold. 

For best winter engagement photos, contact Haythem Lafhaj photography. He provides the best photographyservices in the USA. Here, he shares some ideas to make the most of your seasonal photographs.

Pick a Location

If you want a background with more visual interest than choose the location for your winter engagement shoot. You have to travel to places to capture the winter aesthetic such as ski hill, cozy lodge. These places look magical in the cold season. You will get a one of a kind engagement shoot an adorable picture of you and your fiance on a ski lift, bundled in warm snowboarding gear, and so on.

Imagine how you feel when you are in the cold

If you feel cold then your discomfort will show in the photographs. So, it is important to think about how you feel when you are in the cold. Make sure that there is a considerable amount of snow on the ground. 

Be Comfortable –  Don’t be afraid to bundle up

Wear something in which you feel comfortable, warm and can withstand cold such as a sweater, scarf, winter coat, fingerless gloves. This makes more sense visually to be dressed like this for a winter shoot. This makes your pictures more natural.

Photoshoot at the right time

You have to schedule your session around 4 p.m and avoid shoot in the middle day. You can take advantage of the snow at this time and capture its sparkle. The mid-day light is extremely bright that your eyes can not tolerate and will make you squint. Session in the middle of the day reflects too much off the snow.

Winter session creates magical and romantic feel due to falling snow. Enjoy every moment and capture the beauty of this season. I hope you like this article and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Haythem Lafhaj