Photographing a couple for an engagement session is indeed an emotional and meaningful way to hook your clients as they are before the wedding day. It’s an opportunity for them to take a more placid approach and for you to get familiar with them a little better. Commemorating an engagement is vital to many couples because it symbolizes the foremost official step toward committing to one another for life. As it is essential therefore increasing numbers of couples, prefer to have engagement photography sessions.

Moreover, you need superb places for an engagement photo session. Obviously, to create some blissful moments on such a big day, you need the best places as well as the best photographer. Haythem Lafhaj photography is here in Washington DC to make your big day unforgettable.

There are distinct places in Washington Dc for the engagement photo shoot. Therefore, you are unable to decide places for engagement photos hoot, then shred off all your stress because now we have compiled a list of best places where you can capture some best moments with your partner.

Glenview Mansion

Spectacular weather, eminent green backdrops and some intimate poses make the Glenview Mansion a favorite place for an engagement photo shoot or pre-wedding photo shoot. The Glenview Mansion at Rockville Civic Center Park is a perfect place where couples can relish a captivating private wedding or engagement. If you want to have some king and queen style photographs for your engagement, then the gorgeous historic home is the right place to shoot. The art gallery situated on the second floor showcases rotating exhibitions of artists. Isn’t it a perfect room for some captivating photographs? Yes, it is. The spacious rooms open overcook the immaculate formal gardens and front mall. For candid photographs, prefer photo session in the gorgeous garden.

Hillwood Gardens

Engagement is that period of time when you are together but not married yet. You can entirely relish your courtship period and one of the fantastic ways to enjoy with your partner is to have an engagement photo session. For marvelous photographs, Hillwood gardens would be the perfect place. It’s such a wonderful place to capture some special moments of life. It is a perfect place for intimate photographs. Be with Haythem Washington DC for the best photographs.

Lake Artemesia

An engagement session at Lake Artemesia would be a sweet reminder of a love story for the future! Portray your love story at Lake Artemesia with Haythem Lafhaj. It’s really a perfect place for lively photographs. The places itself describes the beauty of nature so just imagine how much beauty will be added in each photograph? Indeed, a perfect example of nature featuring its beauty! The natural ponds, wooded areas and field are the highlights of Lake Artemesia. So, enjoy your engagement session here.

Above mentioned places are captivating enough to create some timeless moments for couples. Therefore, you can undoubtedly opt for these places for your engagement session.

Haythem Lafhaj