The area for your pre-wedding shoot is one of the vital things for a predisposing set of photographs, however it truly isn’t all that matters. What you do in your photos, anyway much of the time disregarded during the planning stages and left to improvise upon the arrival of the shoot itself is very vital as well. In fact, it might even zest up a plain photoshoot area and have a big effect on your pre-wedding photographs. So, for those who don’t have any idea what props to use to get that extraordinary set of photographs, Haythem Lafhaj photography is here to help! These prop ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot are sure to dazzle up any photographs. So, have a glimpse of these ideas. 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are in reality must have for night pre-wedding photograph shoot sessions for some romantic photographs. Hang them up to look like small stars glittering in the background or fold them over you and your partner for that additional-intimate shot.

Smoke Bombs

You have likely seen smoke bombs being utilized at numerous events. They also frequently catching on as the thing to do in your photographs, so why not bring it into your pre-wedding photos as well? Add a few hues to your pre-wedding photographs with Haythem Lafhaj photography services. Don’t forget to dress up in white attire because white attire will bring out the colors of bomb for sure!

Flower Bouquets 

Flower bouquets or baskets are mostly one of the usual props which are used for the pre-wedding shoot. Instead of just holding flower bouquets as people usually do, play around with them to get an extra romantic effect. If you want to have a romantic setup, then along with flower bouquet opt for petals too. Spread flower petals over the shooting and give some romantic poses!


Don’t underestimate the power of an umbrella because it can really result in romantic photos. When you share the umbrella with your partner, then undoubtedly you will  going to have a romantic photo for sure. Even, this is the right guard that you can use to rob a kiss from your partner at the time of photoshoot. Moreover, you can find umbrellas in different designs too and pick the one that will pop up your pre-wedding photo shoot!

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs are trending these days as a perfect prop for the pre-wedding shoot. It can be used to announce your wedding date. Banners & signs come in different patterns, designs and sizes. They can be used more flexible as compared to chalkboards. You can simply hold it with your partner or can wrap it around your partner just like fairly lights or you can even hang them up on the wall. 


For the music-loving couples, instruments work as a perfect prop. Isn’t it? Obviously yes! The instrument will give you more meaning to your pre-wedding shoot. Henceforth, an instrument can act as the perfect prop to jazz up your pre-wedding photo shoot. 

If you have some prop ideas to share about that can be used for a pre-wedding shoot, then leave your comments below.

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