Getting engaged with that special someone is the wondrous feeling. Perhaps, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are planning your engagement session, from what you should wear to how to make your photographs feel more candid and credible. After all, it’s the photographs that will preserve your memories for the lifetime, and you can cherish it too. 

Haythem Lafhaj studio believes in capturing all the special moments of your life over the canvas that will declare your love story without uttering even a single word. But, for that, you need some flawless tips that can work wonders during the photo shoot. We are providing perfect tips we have learned over the years for nailing your engagement sessions. Have a quick look at these amazing tips.

Wear that Outfit you are comfortable in

The first thing that you have to emphasize is what to wear and it is already recommended to wear that outfit you are comfortable. If you select those attires that are too tight, then you will drop your entire photo session picking at them. 

And, if you go for a dress which you have never worn before, then you would bother about whether you are looking good or not and there are chances that you find it uncomfortable which can come across in your photographs.  Hence, select the outfits that make you feel like a million dollars. 

If you are planning to buy new outfits, then it is good to give it a try first and figure it out whether you are comfortable in the outfit or not. Always, keep in mind that your dress must be captivating enough to enliven the photographs!

Prefer Professional Hair and Makeup

Photographing with special one is the most amazing feeling which is simply hard to describe in words. And, the most important thing that matters during the session is your hair and makeup. Yes, if you are not properly done with your hair and makeup, then believe it you will not be going to have those photographs which you are dreaming for. 

Hence, you must step for a salon before your photo shoot. Photographs need slightly more saturated makeup as compared to regular day look so that you don’t become washed out.

Choose the Perfect Location

Actually, location is everything and hence before heading to any park for your engagement session, thinks about all those places that reflect the love between couples.  If you love to spend most of your time in your living space, then you can also go ahead with this place. All, you need to do is to arrange every item with perfection. Lake could be a great place for the photo shoot. Don’t you think so?

Hire a Professional Photographer

Your engagement is indeed the foremost chapter in your life, and hence is vital that you should celebrate those special moments with fantastic photographs together. And, for capturing those eye-captivating photographs, you need to hire a professional photographer. Haythem Lafhaj is a professional photographer whom you can hire without giving a second thought.

Haythem Lafhaj