Washington is home of the best engagement photo shoot locations. There are gorgeous landscapes in Washington and also other so many incredible places. So pick out some awesome outfits, hire great photographer, and head to the mountains, beaches, deserts, and rainforests. These natural and beautiful places are simply stunning and are perfect for photography. So grab the hand of the one you love and enjoy every moment of your engagement session.

Washington has much more to offer for landscape and nature photographer and provide plenty of amazing scenery that is perfect for photography. It is difficult to make a decision on where to take engagement photos. In order to help you out, here Haythem Lafhaj mentions some best locations to take engagement photos in the state of Washington. Contact Haythem Lafhaj photography services to start brainstorming your perfect engagement session.

North Cascades National Park

It is the most amazing place in Washington. Turquoise lakes, mountains, and incredible sights are some mesmerizing views and perfect for an engagement session.

Spokane, Washington

If you want to take photos near the icy blue river, near lakes or amongst the trees than choose this location because this place is full of gorgeous parks and forest views.

Washington Park Arboretum

It is just south of the University of Washington. If you like Autumn then it is the best place to capture all the colors of Autumn in full display. So choose this location for your perfect engagement photo shoot and capture amazing photos.

Olympic National Park Beaches

Olympic national park beaches in the region of Washington coast is really beautiful and special where you can visit a beach here and capture some awesome photographs. Some beaches require hiking of light to get to them.

Christmas Tree Farm

It is one of the best places and you can capture beautiful and natural photographs for your winter engagement photos. Here, you have to take permission to take photographs on their property. There are many other farms in the state of Washington.

Vantage, Washington

If you want to capture your engagement photo in sunshine or around the sunset then it is the desirable place for your photoshoot. You can also be prepared for little winds at times.  Eastern Washington is the perfect place for a couple for their engagement photo shoot.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is full of gorgeous parks. If you don’t want to travel far from the city then try shooting in these parks of Seattle which are so large.  You can capture photos and enjoy the amazing beaches, forest, grassy knolls and more in the state of Washington.


This place is perfect for your engagement photo shoot because you can visit this place at any time and any season. There is no shortage of lakes and gorgeous place for your engagement session.

The Olympic Peninsula

If you are confused between the beach and forest and can’t decide where you want to take photos then here’s the solution. The Olympic Peninsula is the perfect place because here you can find the amazing beaches sit below the forested cliffs and also capture some photos in front of old World War II Forts.  

Leavenworth, Washington

It is a beautiful place in any season.  You can visit this place to enjoy the colors of Autumn or winter to find snow. Choose this location or winter engagement photo shoot to catch the falling snow.

Gig Harbor, Washington

If you are a water lover and consider waterfront engagement then this place is for you. Here you find eclectic coffee shops and historic boats. It is only 40 minutes away from South of Seattle. Gig Harbour has the beach with the view of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It has also the cutest docks, marinas and more. This is an awesome place for couples.

Haythem Lafhaj