In this blog post we’re going to share some of the best wedding photography tips with you.

We also realize and agree with the fact that some of our shared wedding photography tips won’t necessarily be relevant to the photographers’ style.

However, we hope these tips will help you at the next wedding you are going to shoot.

List the Shots

One of the most helpful tips I’ve shared is to list the wedding photography shots for Wedding Photography. You can ask the couple and let them think ahead about the wedding shots that they would like you to capture on their wedding day and compile a shot list so that you can check off the couple’s desired shots. This is particularly helpful when you capture the family shots. This is a worse feeling when you get the pictures back and suddenly realize that you did not capture the couple with grandmother 

Preparation is Key for You 

There are a lot of things which can go wrong on the wedding day. So you will need to be well prepared – preparation is the key. Keep your backup always ready, have the memory cards blank, batteries charged, routes and get a full day itinerary so you know what’s happening next. And if it’s possible or you, attend the ceremony rehearsal where you can gather a lot of useful information about possible spots to shoot the wedding ceremony, the lighting, and the order of the ceremony, etc

Turn off Camera Shutter sound

Turn off your camera shutter sound. This isn’t a pleasant sound during the kiss, the speeches, and vows. They don’t add to the event. So switch off the sound of your camera beforehand and keep it off all the time you’re shooting the wedding.

Don’t forget to Shoot the small details of the event

The wedding is a very special day for the couple and you can never forget to shoot all the small details of the event to make it even more special for the bride and the groom. Capture the dresses, rings, flowers, backs of dresses, shoes, table settings, menus, etc. This will help you give the end wedding album an extra dimension. 

RAW Shoot

Some wedding photographers feel that they don’t have enough time to photograph in RAW but the wedding is a very special day and one time that it can be particularly useful as RAW shoot gives more flexibility to manipulate the shots after taking them. Weddings can surprise the photographers with tricky lighting effects which result in the need to manipulate exposure and white balance after the fact – RAW shoot will help the photographers with this considerably.

Continuous Shooting Mode

On the wedding day, having the ability to shoot a lot of pictures very quickly is very handy so photographers should switch their camera to continuous shooting mode. Sometimes it’s the shot you take a few seconds after a posed shot or a formal shot. Sometimes it’s the shot you take when everyone is relaxing and that really captures the fabulous moment!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Weddings are all about celebrations – so they should be fun. The more fun a photographer have the more relaxed those who are being photographed. Perhaps this is the best way to loosen guests up is to smile as the photographer.

I hope these wedding photography tips will help you with next wedding you’re going to photograph.  

Haythem Lafhaj