Your wedding is the most special moment of your life, and wedding photos always keep your special moments fresh.

Like every other industry, trends also change in the wedding industry. We are listing all the trends in this post which are very popular nowadays, whether it is a couple’s choice or a photographer.

We are sharing some of the popular Wedding Photography Trends, which will help you to click those wedding photos which are trendy, fashionable, artful and inspirational all at the same time.

Shots with Nature

Nowadays, a new trend of photographing in natural light is emerging. Outdoor photography is timeless and very beautiful. Natural Light gives the photographer a chance to capture classic pictures, where, despite being in focus every moment, the couple is relaxed and naturally enjoying each other’s company.

Selfie Shots

Let’s face it, Selfies are a very big part of today’s vernacular, internet-based and Modern Society. As such, some of social-media-savvy couples are setting up “the selfie shots” for their family and friends, along with a beautiful backdrop, to click themselves having a great time at the wedding.

Shoot the Proposal

Nowadays, couples are hiring photographers in order to shoot their proposal moments so that they can relive these beautiful moments later in life when they want to. Even, the photographer loves to capture these moments in the camera. Couple’s emotions play a huge role in this kind of photography. And capturing that candid scene in a beautiful and very unique way is where the creativity of a candid photographer lies in.

Creative and Original Shots

New original photography ideas win the hearts of the bride and groom. We have noticed that the couple usually demands a list of photographer’s original concepts. And do you know the secret? Nobody wants such a photo shoot for their wedding that make your wedding looks like everyone else’s wedding.

Destination weddings – Make the most of it

From the past a few years, destination weddings have come forth as a popular trend. And destination photography trend has followed destination weddings trend and have become very popular nowadays. This kind of photography is very elegant, artful, and cinematic in approach. In destination photography, the photographers create timeless artistic memories for the bride and groom by blending the destination with the moments captured. Flawless lighting and perfect timing play a major role in best destination wedding photography.

Perfect Portrait of Bride

Every bride wants to look absolutely perfect on her wedding day. Obviously, she put in a lot of effort for that perfect look. And it would be a pity if this perfect look should not be captured with full details. And this is the reason that Bridal Portraits are becoming very popular around the world. That’s why a lot of brides do a portrait session before the wedding in their wedding dress, or they save some time especially for a portrait session on their wedding day. Couple portraits are also in vogue nowadays.

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So, now you have it all. Choose one or all and get a perfect wedding or pre-wedding album. Book the best photography services for pre wedding photography in Washington DC.

Haythem Lafhaj