Getting engaged is a special moment in your couple’s life. Photographs will help you to relive this moment with your loved ones. This is only possible because of your engagement photographs which aren’t just for today but for the rest of your lives. Your engagement photos should be fun and less formal. 

Brides spend plenty of time planning the looks to ensure that you and your fiance are looking your best.  There are quite endless options when selecting outfits for your engagement shoot. Before you search for outfits here and there, here are some engagement photography tips by Haythem Lafhaj on what to wear for your engagement shoot that make you feel like you.

Pick Clothes what suits your Personality

Wear that outfit which complements your personality as an individual and your relationship as a couple. Your outfit is the reflection of who you are. You know your style better than anyone else, so wear something that you love. If you love what you are wearing then you will not only look your best but also feel comfortable, relaxed and confident.

Wear something you love – Be comfortable

Keep comfort in your mind when you choose your outfit for your engagement shoot. If you and your partner are comfortable in what you are wearing than it will show in your picture as well as make you feel your best. The uncomfortable outfit creates awkwardness, so wear something that gives you confidence and in which you can freely move around in.

Wear complementary outfits

Skip the matching outfits and choose outfits that both of you can wear to complement each. Matchy-Matchy creates too much of one hue in a shot and nothing stand out because of everything blends together. Make sure you and your partner think in the same manner when planning or trying your favorite outfits for the shoot.

Dress for the season – Keep The season in mind

Consider the season before scheduling your engagement shoot. Every season has a very different look and feel. Check the forecast because the weather will also help you to determine the outfits you decide to wear.

Choose your location    

While you are scheduling your engagement, keep location in your mind. Keep in mind that your outfit does not blend with your background during the shoot and try to choose a contrasting color of outfits.

Bring two outfits

Don’t restrict to only one outfit and bring two different styles of outfits such as one casual look and one traditional or classic look.

This is your time or moment to represent yourselves as a couple. In your engagement photoshoot capture every moment and is a time to wear something that makes you happy, feel beautiful and confident.  

Haythem Lafhaj