Engagement photographs are a gradually outstanding choice for the couples who are enthusiastic to declare their proposal to their family members, relatives and friends. It offers you an opportunity to showcase your incredible style – no need to specify to test Haythem Lafhaj photographer prior the big day! 

However before you leap in front of the camera, you will desire for some motivation initial. Don’t you? An engagement session will excite you both, and you will seriously begin thinking about what to wear, how to pose and many more things which are quite genuine. It’s even the opportunity to test your wedding photographer. Isn’t it? You will come to know about whether your photographer makes or break your special day.

Here we are enlisting innovative ideas for the engagement photoshoot that you will imitate as soon as possible. The variety of backdrops posed and styles will facilitate you to get started.

A Trip to the Beach

Elicit your deep love for adventure and energy for the life by saying bye-bye to stable portraits. A trip to the beach is the perfect idea to commemorate the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Hold the hands of your partner and run to get snapped for a random click. It’s a great idea for a great beginning that you would love to adopt it.

Tap into the world of the ’80s

Do something out of the box so that you can cherish these memories forever. Tap into the world of the ’80s! It would be a great innovative idea for your engagement session. Dress up in the old style and get yourself snapped over the canvas.

Add Some Morning Vibes

Thrill your engagement session in your own bedroom. Sit down with your partner along with the breakfast and use this as your backdrop. Intimacy will facilitate you to make you and your soul mate calmer in front of the lenses. 

Be adventurous, go to the mountain range

Who says that engagement is meant to be much serious? Have some fun, laughter, and romance with your fiancée. You will surely gonna miss these moments in future when you will look at the photographs of both of you which are clicked here in the mountain range. 

Hills of Hay

Hill of hay will give you the perfect backdrop for your engagement session and hence you should not miss the opportunity to get captured with your partner.

Rainy Weather

If the weather outside is rainy, then believe you will going to have the best moments of your life captured on the canvas! But, it’s not rainy weather even still you can create those moments. Simply, create a fake backdrop of rainy weather and enjoy with your partner while photographing.

Take an Isolated path

Take your engagement photo shoot to the least visited path and let the natural beauty of nature add vibrancy and elegance in your photographs. You will get perfect photographs of intimate moments that you will treasure for the entire life.

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