Whether a couple is getting engaged in Maryland and will be saying their I do’s in Hawaii, they are going to need the best destination wedding photography services. And if you are a photographer who enjoys traveling, destination wedding photography may be the perfect job for you!

So, being a destination wedding photographer what preparation is required? Please read the post for the list:  

Required Photography Skills

Destination wedding photography requires a photographer to think very creatively. It is more of crucial concern for a destination wedding photographer. 

Photographer can become more familiar with the venue when you work locally and the photographer can rely on that familiarity whenever required. And when a photographer plan for a local wedding, he/she can meet the couple for the details.

But usually, when you plan for wedding photography on another location, you’re not familiar with anything, everything is new for you. So, to navigate the wedding it requires photographer’s confidence, the presence of mind, and flexibility. Be ready for this.


Technology is fantastic to connect with your clients. As a supplement to the wedding shoot planning, you can connect directly with the couple through Skype. It is required and invaluable when designing couple’s wedding album. Technology makes this amazing world a smaller place.

You can get familiar with the couple and to get to know the couple better, prepare your list of questions and let them fill out that questionnaire. Get friendly with them so that on the wedding day your client feel comfortable with you.

Unfamiliar cultural traditions and foreign languages can also create problems for destination wedding photographers. Get ready to overcome these roadblocks. Because running into language barriers can be very challenging.

Packing Gears and Traveling

When you travel to shoot a wedding on some other location use the same gear kit you use locally. Because destination wedding photography means that everything else is different and new for you, so, it is important to have familiarity with your gears. This is not the right time for experimenting with your gear kit.

It is advised when traveling take care of your gear bag. Because sometimes Airlines treat luggage pretty roughly. So, the possibility of damaged or lost gear is the major concern while traveling, especially when you’re traveling to a remote location.

If you have any other advice to share about destination wedding photography, please leave your comment below.

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