Each photographer has their own different style, which is reflected in their portfolio. Here in this post, I will share different wedding photography styles. Before you choose a photographer for your marriage, consider the wedding photographic style you prefer, and then seek out those photographers whose work reflects that photography styles.

Wedding Photography Styles

Natural Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photography often mixed with other styles of photography. It basically involves taking photos using natural light rather than camera flash or other artificial light sources. The result is obviously more natural, although it’s usually best for outdoor weddings anytime in the day wherein the sun isn’t very harsh so as to avoid unflattering shadows on the subject’s faces. 

However, while doing the natural wedding photography the photographer will have to be very skilled in dealing with the shadows and other lighting difficulties.

2. Traditional Wedding Photography

If you look at wedding photo albums, you will see a lot of traditional shots. Traditional wedding photography includes usually classic and posed, such as group shots of the couple with their families and friends, shots of the cake cutting, the first kiss as husband and wife, and wine toasting. This style is time oriented, which is the image that makes up wedding portraits. 

Though this style is being used for decades, both photographers and clients find that it’s the best way to achieve key shots of the day. And timeless photos of the couple’s family and friends together with the best wedding photographers in Washington DC.

3. Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage wedding photography, there’s a huge market for couples who prefer this style. There’s just something amazing about the timeless and old images that appeal to people. This kind of photography using color distortion filters instantly turns mundane photos into artistic works, which is why individuals keep on using them even for daily photography.

4. Aerial Wedding Photography

Sometimes, shots from an elevated position give the best photos of your wedding moments. Aerial wedding photography is the best during the morning or evening time when the shadows are longer than usual. Beach and garden weddings are the most ideal for Aerial wedding photography style. This style is great for showing outdoor wedding locations. However, an indoor photo shoot from a staircase can also give some magnificent pictures.

5. Classic Wedding Photography

Classic wedding photography style with photographer’s bit of own style will give you the images that are reflections of the reality of your special day. A photographer can fuse classic with a modern touch to give a couple tasteful and timeless shots. Hire Haythem &  Ashley photography company for professional wedding photography.

6. Black and White Wedding Photography

This style of wedding photography is a good way to capture classic images. Some couples prefer colored images while others appreciate how the black and white color can enhance the mood of their photos – it’s just a matter of preference. Sometimes, the black and white photos actually end up looking even better. Black and white photos become less distracting and the viewers’ attention instantly goes to the couple.

7. Documentary or Reportage Wedding Photography

This style of wedding photography involves the photographer following the couple, as well as all the guests around and taking photos without any restriction. The technique has become very popular recently as the couple seeks candid shots that capture raw moments that they aren’t even aware of. This style takes a photojournalist approach and it is the photographer’s job to record events, not stage them. 

8. Commercial Wedding Photography

In this style of wedding photography, the photographers will perfectly capture the shots of the cake, flowers, centerpieces, and decor and could be hired just for this purpose, supplemented by another photographer to handle a couple and people pictures. A commercial wedding photography style may be less spontaneous and more formulaic. 

9. Portrait Wedding Photography

Portrait wedding photography style yields some of the most beautiful images of the couple on their wedding day. This style is also considered formal wedding photography. It’s not commonly recommended for solo shooters, hire a team for this style of wedding photography, such as  Haythem Lafhaj photography

10. Mixed Wedding Photography

It is your special day so being adventurous is allowed and if that means having a little bit of every style of wedding photography, then it is possible. We’re Good Company would like to blend different styles of wedding photography from black & white to modern. With mixed photography style, you will achieve a variety of images of your wedding. Deciding on the best wedding photography style can confuse you a little. No matter what kind of wedding photography style you want, explain to us. We would be happy to make your dream come true.

Now that you have a better understanding of almost every wedding photography style, now you can choose easily between different wedding styles!

Haythem Lafhaj