Michael & Pele

Mahalo to Pele & Michael for allowing us to be a part of their very special day in Hawaii! Pele and her family hail from the North Shore so this was the perfect place for them to tie the knot in front of their local family and friends who got a great vacation too ! As for us, who wouldn’t be excited for a destination wedding photoshoot during sunset?

A trip from Minneapolis to Hawaii to do what we simply love? Yes, please!  When we arrived the sun was shining and love was in the air. After arriving at the ceremony location and being greeted by so many smiles, we were excited to work.

Pele and Mike are both so gentle hearted and wonderful that it made our job easy.

The vows took place right underneath a Hawaiian linen oning accompanied by a beautiful bridal party and their two children.

The bride & groom exchanged leis, hers of white flowers & his of green leaves, which traditionally serve as a symbol of their eternal love. A ukelele player performed the traditional Hawaiian Wedding Song while the kahulead the couple in reciting their vows. The rings were exchanged after a blessing, with a kiss as tears came from the crowd soon after.

The accents of pink and coral were such a sweet touch. The small ceremony with tradition sprinkled everywhere added a sparkle and the sunset was the icing on the cake.

Best wishes to the Bennett’s!

If you ever want a best destination wedding photography, WE. WOULD. LOVE. TO.