The camera is not the only thing that you need for a good photo because the camera doesn’t automatically make your photos better.  There are other main factors such as composition, lighting and so on. When you are traveling for the photographic mission than you need to protect your gear. As a travel photographer, you have to be careful about the selection of the equipment because the heavy gear is difficult to carry.

The most common question asked by new travel photographers is what travel photography gear should they bring with them. When it comes to choosing gear, don’t think about the heavy things which are difficult to carry. Heavy stuff is best for studio or commercial work. This heavy stuff is not recommended for traveling photographers. Your travel kit is very important.

Here is the list of equipment recommended by Haythem Lafhaj that travel photographers will need.

Camera and Lenses

You should carry the mirrorless cameras instead of the DSLR camera because they are smaller, cheaper and capable of producing high-quality images. DSLR is heavier as compared to mirrorless and compact cameras. Don’t forget about the card case and cleaning equipment.

Prime lenses are considered over zoom lenses because they are single, fixed, lightweight and you can easily travel from other areas without difficulty.

Travel Tripod

Traveling with a heavy tripod is very painful but now you don’t have to worry. A flexible travel tripod is typically 4 or 5 section tripod. It is more stable, smaller and lighter in weight.

LED Light

LED stands for the light-emitting device. If you don’t want to pack multiple flashes than try these LED lights for your shoot.  These lights used for the shoot in dark places. It is difficult to shoot in low-light situations. So you are able to light up the scene by using these LEDs of different power and range.

Head Lamp

Photographer kit must have a headlamp and it is one of the important parts of your kit. It is very useful when you are shooting at night. The headlamp has a pretty wide beam. The best thing about headlamp is that they are not too heavy, USB charging, Replaceable batteries, and  Red night light. Petzl Reactik and Actik are the excellent options that you can use during photo shoots. One of the great features of the headlamp is Red light. This doesn’t mess up your night vision when you are shooting at night.

Flash Light

It has a tighter beam. This helps you to focus on foreground objects in night time shots. It is USB rechargeable. Fenix UC35 is the flashlight that you can use at night shoot or in low light situations. Headlamp and flashlight are the two items that you can carry easily.