Wedding is the most important and special day in a couples life. They definitely want to save and cherish these sweet memories throughout their life. This is the most anticipated moment of couples life and they want to celebrate it with their friends and family. So, put a little creativity and make your special day even more memorable. One of the special weddings is Traditional wedding and candid shots can make great photos such as shots of your wedding dress and wedding rings, dance at your ceremony, etc.  

Haythem Lafhaj provides great photographer service in the USA and he shares some awesome wedding photo ideas. Give them a try. These ideas will definitely help you to make your pictures stand out from the crowd. So don’t forget to collect all your moments or memories after the wedding day in an elegant photo book.

Hit the road

Pictures on the road look stunning and majestic. You feel like there is no one around and only two of you in the world. This photoshoot is metaphorical meaningful. When we look at these photos, it signifies that this is the road in which you are stepping on to go further together and cover long distance by holding each other hand.

Experimenting with angles

You can play with the composition, colors around, the angles, perspectives and never stop experimenting to get better results. Forget about traditional jumping photos and capture your photos from the bird’s eye view.

Stylish Photoshoot

Choose your outfits and accessories according to your location or wedding venue that add some style to your photos. Keep on thing in mind, select the outfit that fit the colors of pictorial location.

Theme Wedding

It’s always fun to have a theme wedding. Think something that defines the bride and groom. Come up with a cool theme and make your day more interesting. Use of props in your wedding will definitely live up your photos.

Capture the amazing moments

Don’t forget about candid shots with your parents and special guests. Capture every moment and collect them in a stylish photo book that you will cherish these moments throughout your life.

Play with shadow

The unique and mesmerizing effect can be created by the shadow. This will look good in your wedding photography portfolio. It will help you to create wonderful photo albums in which you kept your wedding memories and cherish them a lifetime.

Time-Lapse effect

It is a unique way of capturing this event to get a time-lapse effect image. There are so many guests at the wedding, so the photographer creates this effect by using a slow shutter speed setting. This setting highlights both the crowd and also the unusual location.