Fashion photography is one of the genres of photography and as diverse as clothing styles we wear. This genre is devoted to displaying fashion items. This is the glamorous world. It simply photographs which specifically shows clothing and accessories. It is most often conducted for the purpose of advertisement or fashion magazines. Exotic locations or accessories are the most important for fashion photography because the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of these two. Photographic work can be divided into many categories and sub-categories.

Fashion photography is categorized into four main styles: Editorial, Catalog, Street and High fashion.

Editorial and high fashion are quite similar because they share a similar style. Street fashion photography is another style that is slowly gaining prominence. Street and catalog fashion photography styles are easily distinguishable.

Editorial Fashion Photography

This style of photography is featured in most of the fashion magazines. This shoot depicts a theme. Selection of location and accessories such as jewelry, hats, shoes, and handbags are important things in editorial fashion photography.   In this style of photography, everything on the model is very styled to create a powerful still image. Here, the model enacts the role and convey the whole story. The story is running throughout the shoot and the image is shot so as to create a powerful statement. They are often photographed throughout the course of a day and start with morning wardrobe, then mid-day wardrobe, and finally with the evening attire.

Catalog Photography

This style is used by companies to promote a product. Catalog photography is basically used for advertisement or promotion purpose to their consumers. In this type, the model is made to pose against a certain background that is white or gray in which you see the clothes very clearly. Here the styling is hassle-free. Studios and ideal location are required to shot most of these photographs.

High Fashion

This is also used for the advertisement purpose. Big fashion brands and labels promote their products by using this style of photography. Supermodels, famous actors, and actresses are featured in these photographs. The clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, lighting, and location work together to get a flawless image. The poses can be exaggerated.

Street Fashion Photography

This is all about capturing photographs of people on the street and what is fashionable among them. This type of photography shows what typical people wear and how they make a statement with their clothes. The photographers of street fashion photography show the highlighting trends in the real world.

Fashion Photography has developed over a period of time. I hope you like this article. Haythem Lafhaj explained the four different styles are included under fashion photography. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.