Wedding photography is quite challenging and unique. Portrait photography, fashion photography, family photography, sometimes travel photography, etc. are the different genres of photography, and all are included in the wedding photography genre. If you want unique and creative pictures than you need lenses that allow you to capture the amazing photos. Wedding photographers are versatile and have the skills to adapt to every situation. Photographers use their creativity to make a stunning picture. You need the right gear to get the awesome results.

Wedding is one of the most challenging and hardest genres to shoot. It is the responsibility of the photographer that the bride and groom look awesome on the most important day of their lives. Wedding is a special moment for everyone and for covering once-in-a-lifetime event you require a bright and high-resolution lens so that you don’t miss the priceless moments. There are different types of lenses like a wide-angle lens, zoom lens, micro lens, prime,  walk -around, etc.

Photography is the essence of a wedding and the same goes for the lens to any camera. Haythem Lafhaj shares the list of top five lenses, and your backpack should surely have before you step out for your wedding shoot.


It is heavy, but this is an important lens to shoot special events such as weddings. It is a versatile lens because it creates a beautiful Bokeh and gives you an amazing sharpness. Zooming in from 150-200mm gives you amazing images. This thing is difficult to achieve by using other camera lenses. These lenses are best for candid shots.


The 24-70mm is a versatile lens, and the zoom lens is critical for smaller spaces. This is a versatile lens that you can use for candid shots, essential details, guests arriving, wider location scenes, and the leaving photos, to cite just a few.


If you are willing to click portraits, then this 50mm, focal length lens is great. It can save your day when the light starts to drop. Its wider aperture allows the photographer to depend less on the flash and creates a softer, more natural look for the subjects.


This lens is a fabulous portrait lens that doesn’t distort your clicked pictures. This is a fixed lens and requires more work on your part. However, your extra efforts are worth – clicked portraits are cleaner and backgrounds are creamier. The 85mm is a fabulous lens in low-light conditions.

100mm Macro

If you want to capture amazing pictures of rings in close detail, then a 100mm macro lens is a must. The couple spends thousands of dollars on the details of their wedding; they’re sure to appreciate you capturing every moment in detail. With this lens, the photographer can capture detailed and quality shots.

If you have other must-have lenses in your wedding camera bag? Please share them in the comment section below.