Editing is an important factor in post-processing. It is difficult to determine when you are over-editing the photos and when you have gone too far. The difficult and challenging thing of the post-processing is to know when to stop the process. Too many editing will ruin your images instead of making them better. So it is important to avoid over-editing of photos because of the photos with the over-editing look unnatural. The most common genre of photography is landscape photography. Editing photos is easier today by using software such as Lightroom and Photoshop to make creative and memorable images.

Here are some tips by Haythem Lafhaj to help you to understand and determine when you are starting to over- process or over-edit the photos. He shared some articles that tell you more easily if you have done your editing right or not.

Unrealistic Shadows and Highlights

When you shoot into the sun light or overexposed area than you need to bring the highlights down. The sign of over-editing is the appearance of the dark-orange circle around the sun. Shadows are an important factor to create amazing photo because it gives three-dimensionality and structure to the picture. You can try to brighten the shadows but too much can make your photo flat.


Camera shake and lack of focus are responsible for the not perfectly sharp image. You can fix it, and this leads to be over-sharpening of the photo. This makes your image rough and gritty. If you do over-sharpening and overdo the clarity than this results in the halo around the dark edges.

Too Much Contrast

Adding contrast can make your photo wonderful but overdo can break the image. Don’t forget about the shadow when you are adjusting the contrast. Too little contrast and too much contrast both are responsible for the terrible photo. Too little contrast makes photos flat and lifeless. Too much contrast will make your photo muddy. This is also responsible for the loss of detail in your shadows.

Oversaturated Colors

It is the most common mistake done by the landscape photographer. If you increase the saturation than you start losing details. When you zoom into an area than you will notice most of the detail is lost.

It’s Distracting

Post-processing is the first thing that the viewers notice. If you’re distracted from the image due to adjustments, you have made, then you have gone too far with editing. Many more reasons or signs that tell you are over-editing the photos.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s ok because it’s all a part of learning. Practice and hard work are important to get success. I hope you like this post about signs that you are over-editing the photos. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.