Carrying and expecting a baby is a special time for everyone that needs to be recorded. This type of photography only reflects the love that is why this type of photography is amazing. Maternity photography is a great way to capture this special time in life and it doesn’t matter that it’s your first baby or second. This is not only the chance for glowing mother-to-be but also an opportunity for a couple or family to carry out an awesome photoshoot. If you capture your body’s week-by-week transformation than these moments you cherish throughout your life. This is possible through maternity photography. No matter you pose solo or with your partner or with family members in the photoshoot but the main point is to keep the focus on the bump. Keep in mind the one thing that can be showcased in a natural and flattering way.

Here are some tips by Haythem Lafhaj that will help you to get great photos and make you go a better maternity photographer.  During the photo shoot, it is important to take time with the photographer to make sure everyone is comfortable during the pregnancy pictures. Being a parent is an awesome feeling and if you are preparing to enter the world of parenthood than without your partner your photoshoot isn’t complete. These maternity pictures are the memorable thing and this will show your excitement when you look at these images.

Pick your location

If you want awesome and jaw-dropping pregnancy photos. Lighting and outfits are an important part of your shoot. Lighting can create or destroy your photos, so it is important to choose the right time for your photoshoot. The open beautiful field is best for your photoshoot. These striking backgrounds look awesome when you see your photos.

Different Poses

Try different poses to get the various types of pictures and also get creative with nearby props and furniture. You can try poses such as holding hands, stand back to back, Face to face, hands-on cheeks, hug from behind, side hug, hug belly, top of the head kiss, upside-down kiss, forehead kiss, lying down, etc.

If this isn’t your first child than it is interesting to create a snapshot of your growing family. It is fun to capture their excitement in your pregnancy pictures.

Take some candid shots

If you want natural and real photos than candid shots are a great way to document your pregnancy.


You can use different props that look amazing when you see the photographs. You can use props such as a pair of tiny baby shoes, a couple holding a banner between them using as a sign that says it all.

Outdoor is amazing but you can shoot indoors. Simplicity is the best, try to keep the subject simple. This maternity photography makes moments memorable. I hope you like these maternity photography ideas. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.