The fashion shoot is not an easy task. Fashion photography is all about the showcasing of clothes, accessories, and footwear. It takes a lot to organize and also cost a lot to run a shoot. One of the toughest facets of the job is posing our subject. Photographers face new challenges day in and day out.  New models have no experience in posing, so she will expect some direction. It’s the duty of photographer that he will give you proper guidance to get a perfect image. You don’t get the best photograph if you shoot with a clueless model and a quiet photographer.

Fashion photography is the most profitable areas of photography. It focuses on posing, lighting and beautiful locations. The photographer takes a lot of pressure and responsibilities on his shoulder. Good photos do not only depend on the photographer but also on clients or model. So, briefing the model is the first step of the shoot.

Here, Haythem lafhaj discussing the few standard poses that help to create an amazing image because the right pose in the circumstances can make all the difference. There are many tips that can be used during the photo shoot.

Basic poses

One of the basic poses is that you mix up the poses. You can  by turning your body in a different direction and by looking in a different direction. You can look into the lens, up or down, over the photographer’s shoulder, etc. This is the simples and relaxed pose that you can use during your shoot. It can add style and grace to your shoot.

Seated poses for model or clients

It adds versatility to your pose. It is one of the strong and distinguished pose use during photo shoot. You can shot from below or above or from equal height, careful about the direction of knees and feet, etc.

Power Pose

This pose is simple in essence. This pose refers to the model’s stance and it perfectly paired with strong facial expression. In this type of pose, model or clients is facing the camera head-on. Feet should be firmly planted.

Beauty Poses

This type of pose mainly focus on expression but it also includes angle, lighting and perfect makeup and hair. In beautiful images, the hand is often a feature and also jawlines create much of the shape in a beauty shot. Be careful about the positioning of the subject during the shoot.

Shot during Movement

It is difficult to shot during movement. It requires great timing by the photographer to capture a photo during movement. Images with movement look beautiful and add a dimension to that image. In this type, perfection is achieved after many attempts. Movement includes jumping, spinning, running, etc.