Today, social media is the most powerful marketing tool. Find the right pictures to post is quite challenging. You have to produce content of high quality. There are billions of photos uploaded on social media every single day. People who are professional or just share their photos for fun invested so much time and effort to make their images stand out on social media. It is difficult to attract the audience in this competitive world but doesn’t lose your focus and determination. Keep everything in your mind such as composition, horizon, symmetry, pattern, gridlines, etc.

Standing out from the crowd can be a major challenge. Here, Haythem Lafhaj shares some tips that help to improve your social media marketing photos, avoiding some of the most common mistakes and also for your social media success.

Behind the scenes posts

This is a great way to increase interaction with the audience. They love to see behind the scene posts because this makes them feel a part of the process itself. This is the opportunity to know your photographer more.


Use the right hashtags helps you to get your work in front of whole new audiences. Share your post on a social media platform and pick the right hashtags that are most relevant at that moment. You can create your hashtags. This is an amazing way to connect with the people you missed.

A unique style or brand

Social media is a great platform to show your talent, unique style or brand. If you have something unique about your work, then the audience will attract and give you a positive response.

Effective Editing

Editing is the most important step before sharing your photos. Use the right editing tool, filter, and effects to create an awesome image. Before uploading your image look for clarity and quality of photographs. To give a real look to your image, adjust the shadows and highlights. Use the rule of thirds to create a beautiful and natural-looking photo.

Share meaningful content

It is important to come up with a new perspective. The photographer should show their creativity and create a photo that tells the story to the viewers. Sharing meaningful content and high-quality content helps you to achieve success in this competitive world.

Interaction and engagement

The main purpose of these social media platforms is to connect with a huge number of people. To gain more audiences, interact with the users, respond to all comments and if possible like your follower’s post. Be consistent and actively update your account.

To get an awesome photo you have to focus on the quality of the photos. Basic photography skills and what types of photographs you want are the most things for social media success. I hope you like this article and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.