Photography is the best way to show your creativity. Good composition of photographs makes your photos amazing. Keep one thing in your mind that is the image quality. Experiment with photography helps you to get a variety of images. Post-processing is the most important step after the shoot because it can make or break your photos. Color correction, cropping, dulled colors, etc. can affect your image quality. So, keep quality in mind. Dimensions of photos vary when you are sharing photos on any social media platform from cover photos, to timeline images, to profile pictures. Don’t forget about the lighting, background and camera angles that give a variety of effects to your image.

It is important to keep your knowledge up-to-date about the image sizes and format. Keep quality, dimensions, composition, etc. in your mind so that the image looks great on social media. Here, Haythem Lafhaj shares photo guidelines for social media to create stunning images that attract viewers.

Framing and Composition

The composition is the most important part of photography. If you have a well-composed photograph, then you can easily attract the audience. You have heard of the rule of thirds in photography. The rule of thirds helps to create an amazing photograph. Divide the frame into 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines and place your subject off-center. This can have a pleasing effect.


Uploading pictures in low-resolution is one of the biggest mistakes. You should upload files with at least 1000 pixels on social media. If you too small files that are not suitable to view on all screen sizes can be the reason for your viewer’s disappointment.

Image Size

Display your image correctly on social media. So looked at the various sizes and dimensions of images to make your accounts look great.

Facebook : Profile picture size –  180 X 180 pixel

                   Shared image size –  1200 X 630 pixel

                   Cover picture size –   820 X312 pixel

Twitter      : Profile picture size –  400 X 400 pixel

                   Shared image size –  1024 X 512 pixel

                   Header picture size –   1500 X 500 pixel

Instagram : Profile picture size –  180 X 180 pixel

                   Shared image size –  1080 X 1080 pixel

                   Thumbnail picture size –   1080 X 1080 pixel

Be engaging, consistent, and actively update your accounts. This thing increases interaction with the audience. Social media is the best place to showcase your talent and also improve your photography with the help of feedback given by the audience. I hope you like this article and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.