Pregnancy is a precious period for every woman.  A maternity photoshoot is one of the most wonderful ways to preserve your baby’s moments even before birth. Pregnancy is a special time as well as an uncomfortable time for women because their bodies are rapidly changing. Pregnant women experience weight gain, stretch marks, swelling, and many other problems. Some pregnant women may feel awesome while others are self-conscious. This self-consciousness may result in unnatural or awkward photos during their maternity photoshoot.

It is the responsibility of the photographer to make the client comfortable and capture beautiful photos. You need good lighting and good post-processing to get great photos. Make sure that you get the wonderful shot because this is a special time for every woman and no wonder she wanted to document it all with maternity photos. The ideal time for your photoshoot is between 28 and 32 weeks because at this time you can show off your adorable baby bump.

Pick a location

You can shoot outdoor as well as indoor but the selection of location is important. Natural light is highly recommended for your photoshoot. You can use the sun for gorgeous backlighting. Natural photos are always awesome.

Hands-on the bump

During your maternity photography, hands-on the bump is one of the simple poses and also natural. This pose is very effective and easily drawing attention to her belly. Make sure that one of your hands cupping the bottom of her belly. Make sure that the bump is visible in every pose, don’t hide your bump.


Up high is the next trick you can use during your photo session because height is a great way of flatter your subject. This is also a great way to flatter your pregnant belly. You can stand on stools or anything else during maternity sessions because this gives you height and this will help you to get a great photo. The creativity of the photographers helps you to get awesome photos such as a subject can lie on a bed, blanket or other things so you can shoot from above. This can help you to flatter your subject or minimize parts of the body that might have gotten bigger during pregnancy.

Candid shots

Everyone loves natural photos. Eye contact and a smile on her face make the picture stunning. Keep one thing in your mind, direct her that don’t tilt your head at a weird angle because it looks unnatural and create a double chin.


It is the most important thing in every type of photography. You should make a plan before starting the session because it can be difficult to think on the spot. Composing an interesting shot and experiment with new things is fun.

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman. I hope you like this article. Please share your views with us in the comment section.