Wedding photography is unique and quite challenging. It includes various genres of photography such as fashion, portrait, macro, and sometimes even travel photography. Macro-photography is also referring as close-up photography, and it needs for wedding detail shots. Macro-photography is difficult because it requires a small aperture, a lot of light, lots of flash in case of low-light situations and also other techniques involved. Professional photographers use the macro lens for detail photos of rings, jewelry and other detail images at the bride’s place.

This article by Haythem Lafhaj will help you to take detail shots at the wedding by using macro wedding photography. Photos are the best way to tell your wedding day story. These memories are cherished by a couple throughout their lifetime. Haythem Lafhaj shares some tips for getting better shots.

Use Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are not the cheapest, and you might only be used for a few shots throughout the entire day. But if you want close-up shots of the subject such as rings, jewelry, etc. you have to pick these lenses for the wedding day. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS are the macro lenses that you can afford it for your event.

Manual Focus

You can’t rely on auto-focus. If you want accurate results, then get used to focusing manually. Take multiple shots and check your images on the LCD to make sure that your image is sharp and have perfect focus. 

Find perfect light

If the event occurs indoors, then you can find interesting lighting at a reception hall. Utilize the light in the best way to get amazing photos. If you shoot outdoor, then daylight gives wonderful effects to your photos. Don’t use direct flash. Changing the direction of the subject will give you more variety.

Aperture Setting

It is important to set up the aperture to produce amazing photos. Aperture adjustment depends upon the lighting and presence or absence of flash. Make sure that you are above the acceptance level that is 1/100th.

Balanced Backgrounds

Pick a colorful or interesting background that attracts everyone’s attention when they look at the pictures. Don’t forget about the texture. Walls, sunsets and other backdrops give your photos unique and stunning look. Think creatively to produce amazing and unique photographs.


Post-processing is an important step after the shoot because little bit editing can sharpen your subject and give them that extra pop. There are different software you can use for editing purposes.

I hope you like this article, and these tips will help you to get some amazing shots. You can check other articles to enhance your photography knowledge. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.