Fashion photography is one of the steadiest and most creative jobs. The main part of these photos are clothes and the professional photographer needs to highlight their products and models. Lighting is the most important factor to produce excellent looking photos. When lighting flatters your product, it will produce great apparel images. You can use natural light, one light, double light or can be combined according to your need and creativity.

Shoot as a fashion photographer is a great way to make money but it needs a lot of hard work to set your business in this field. You can increase the quality of your work by using proper lighting. You can also increase the value of your portfolio and can show your excellent photos to your clients.  There are different ways shared by Haythem Lafhaj to light fashion shoots. For an amazing photo, it is important that you have knowledge of how to set up lighting for fashion photography.

Natural Light  

It is the cheapest ways to shoot fashion. The best thing is that you can do it indoors instead of standing outside in the sun by using large windows or maybe a window shade. You have to make sure that the level of the window is not too high or too low. Other things that you have to keep in mind is the size of the window and proper dispersion of beams to create a spotlight effect on the clothes.

While shooting makes sure that you have a white background and tripod to keep your camera steady. Set your shutter speed at a low level. T avoid blurring, keeping your camera in steady place is necessary.

Use of single light

Use of single light is another way you can use for your photo shoot. By using this lighting setup, you can control the light as well as you don’t need to depend on window position or daylight. This can happen without spending too much money.  

Using this setup, it’s not compulsory that you have to use a white background. The camera faces the model directly and the angle of light is 45 degrees. Set the light up high so that light directly falls on the model at a particular angle to avoid shadows.

Use of double light

If you want your photos to pop and this is not possible with single light then use the double light. But you have to spend extra money on this. The camera should be set closer to the first light and set the second light closer to the model and lower. The angle of the second light should be at 45 degrees.

It is important that your lights should be synced because they should go off at the same time. You can also use the reflector instead of second light as a cheaper alternative.