Photography is not just a hobby but a part-time venture for many and also a career for others. Beginners do not think much before creating their photo. There is a much easier way of doing things to get the same result.

Here are some tips shared by Haythem Lafhaj that help you as you begin your journey into the world of photography.

  1. Shoot in Raw

The best way to shoot is raw because it records the most data. Shooting in raw helps you to do as much non-destructive editing. There are two ways in which shoot that is JPEG and Raw. If you shoot in JPEG then you have to make an adjustment and re-save the image every time. You can lose your image quality in JPEG format. On the other hand,  If you shoot in under or overexposed than it is easier the image in raw format.

2. Don’t delete images in-camera

It is one of the common mistake made by the photographer that they delete photographs in-camera based on reviewing it on the back of the LCD monitor. You have to keep all your images by investing in a few extra memory cards. Select your good images and get a large monitor to review your images in detail.

3. Good quality equipment

It is better to invest in a good quality piece of equipment rather than buy something that is inexpensive and not made to last. If you choose a low-quality camera and lens than you will not make the best image.

4. Variation in shooting orientation and angles

If you want to create amazing images than it is important to change your perspective. Try to shoot from the ground, shoot down from the ladder, shoot every subject both horizontally and vertically. This experiment helps you to get an amazing photo.

5. Explore different genres of photography

It is interesting to try different genres of photography such as fashion photography, Photojournalism, sports photography, aerial photography, etc. This shows your versatility in the field of photography.

6. Practice daily

If you practice shoot every day and develop your skills then you can capture a good image. It’s a simple thing that the more you do it, the better you can get. You can also take great photos with your cell phone. Always have your camera near and click wonderful photos.

7. Control your camera setting manually

It is important that you have knowledge about metering, exposure, ISO, aperture, focus and more. Learn how you can handle backlighting, creative exposure, and many other scenarios.

8. Understanding of camera inside and out

It is important to understand the tools of the camera because it helps you to improve your shooting skills. It will help you to capture beautiful photographs.