Lighting is an important factor while taking beautiful wedding pictures. Churches have a great atmosphere but taking pictures in them is difficult. You often have to face the problem of low-light. Other than photography, you have to keep in mind the rules of the church and also connect with the venue ahead of time to find out whether you can use non-intrusive LED, or continuous lights or flash in church or not.

Professional photographers are experts in taking pictures in any conditions. But shooting in poor lighting or low-light in dark churches is one of the biggest challenges for photographers. Haythem Lafhaj is here to help you and in this article, he shared some tips for how to take good photos in a dark church.

Use of the right equipment

The right equipment can help you to get the best results that are you get the incredible photos. Full frame camera and Prime lenses are preferred for shooting in a dark church. The large camera sensor has the capacity to gather more light as compared to the crop- sensor camera. Another one is Prime lenses, if you are shooting in low-light situation then use the prime lenses because due to wider apertures they allowed more light to the camera’s sensor.

Use of camera settings

It is difficult for the camera sensor to receive the light when you are shooting in low light. Using flash for the purpose of light is a great way but it can be a reason for the distraction during a wedding ceremony. Three important camera settings that help you to increase light into your camera sensor’s are wider aperture, slow down in shutter speed and increase in ISO.

Proper exposure is important for great photos but doesn’t forget about the grain and noise in your photos that occur at higher ISO. Grainy photos are better than the blurry photos.

Learn image stabilization

Stabilizer in your camera or lens will suppress the blurring caused by hand shooting. It also helps you to shoot with much longer exposure. You can also test your luck in the hope that you might find one sharp shot by taking several shots in a row. Stabilization helps you to take sharp pictures.

Avoid Backlight

If there is a light that comes from behind the subject than this will only darken them. So, the positioning of the subject in the right position is important because you can use the backlight to your advantage.  For portrait photos, you have to look for a source of light such as light streaming through a window, candles and so on. The important thing during the shoot is tripod because it helps you to get great photos and also eliminate the camera shake responsible for blurry photos.