Wedding Planners is the one who manages everything and helps couples successfully plan their wedding day. They ensure all the details of the wedding. They are the source of referrals for many wedding professionals. So to get more clients, it is important to make a good relationship with wedding planners.

In this article, Haythem Lafhaj tells you how to reach out to wedding planners to offer your services. He shares some ways to get noticed by a wedding planner.

Build a good relationship

It takes time to create a good relationship with someone. So, take it slow.  If you want to get noticed by event planner, then start following them, like their posts and give your feedback. Everyone likes that someone appreciates them. So wait until they respond and after that try to interact with them. In this way, you can build a good relationship.

Attend networking events

Social media is the best way of interaction with unknown people. If you want to connect with someone, then just follows them. Through social media, you can get more information about the planner. You have to find out that in which upcoming events you could meet them. Don’t miss the opportunity and introduce yourself.

Send an email

You can send them a sweet note without asking for anything like you have been following his or her work, like to read your blogs and so on. This will put a good impression on any event planner. This is also an excellent way to get noticed by the wedding planners.

Be Persistent

Don’t lose hope. If you don’t get a meeting right away, then don’t give up. Show your interest, try to convince them, show your work and so on. Some planners will respond to the vendor, some not. You mustn’t take it personally. Just try to achieve your goal time and again.

Meet with new planners

If you don’t get a positive response from an established event planner, then try to build a relationship with new event planners. New planners need vendors for their business, so you can approach them and try to interact with them. If you are in their recommended vendor list, then they will keep you on their list as their business grows.

You must have a good interaction with the wedding planner. As a photographer, you want the number of clients to run your business. You must be on their recommendation list. Getting recommended by the event planner is great. So try to build a good relationship with event planners. If you like this article then, please share your thoughts in the comment section.