A wedding photographer handles a lot of pressure. Arranging the party into a pose in a matter of minutes is not less than a challenge for the photographer. It is important to make a solid plan before you arrive at the event.  The photograph is the memories that you will cherish throughout your lifetime. So photos with bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members are important for the couple. Wedding party or large groups looks amazing but organizing them and position them for an eye-catching composition can be challenging for the photographers.  

Here, Haythem Lafhaj is sharing some posing tips to create memorable images in the short time frame. These tips help you in the position of the wedding party or large groups.  This will help you to implement unique wedding photography poses of the bride and her bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen and also for the family members.

Explore the location

Firstly, you have to explore the location that has enough space for a large group. This allowed each member of the wedding party feels comfortable while posing.

Traditional pose

If you start with the simple pose then this will help to make the large groups more comfortable in front of the camera. Instruct everyone where they have to stand and start with the bride and groom.  Don’t forget that you have to arrange the wedding party in that manner where the center of attention is the bride and groom. You can arrange the groomsmen next to the groom. The same can be done for brides that are bridesmaids stand next to the bride.

You can also intermix the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The photograph can use their vision to turn the traditional pose into the more creative pose by shooting the large groups from different angles. By doing this you get the variation in your photos.

Addition of props

You have to plan everything before working with the wedding party. You have to look for unique props that make your group photograph amazing. For example, the positioning of the wedding party around the old vintage car and the bride and groom sit inside the car. You can also capture unique details of the groups such as their shoes by focusing the camera to the ground.

You can also use the chairs for the wedding party photo shoot. They are easily available and easy to move but it is important to fit everyone in a frame. So sitting half of them in front and other stands behind them will help you in the positioning of the wedding party into the frame.

Break up the colors

At weddings, you can visually break up the colors that people are wearing. This looks amazing for wedding portraits.  If you arrange the guys usually wearing black tuxes next to the girls in an alternate manner, then these mixing up the colors help to create a great photo.