Everyone thinks about the fairytale wedding and want to look best in wedding photos. First of all, you have to shake off the nervousness and forget about the camera, just enjoy your day. Many photographers and also couple find out that the natural and not-posed photos are better because these photos are filled with pure happiness of their wedding day. The couple looks amazing in natural photos.

If you are allergic to the camera, freezing up in front of the camera, worried about the wedding and think that you are not photogenic then Haythem Lafhaj is here to share some wedding day tips for looking your best in front of the camera and how to look natural in wedding photos. Hire Haythem Lafhaj photography services for the best wedding pictures on your special day.

Interaction with photographer

It is important that you connect with your photographer and feel comfortable with him because that will come through in photos. If you meet him and discuss all the details about the wedding day than you may have some natural wedding photos.

Hire a Wedding planner

Wedding is the stressful day if you all the time think about the wedding details. So, it is tough to sit back and enjoy your wedding day. If you hire a wedding planner, they take all the responsibilities on their shoulder and handle all the details. This makes a huge difference in your photos and you get natural and relaxed photos. Forget about everything, just enjoy your day.

Smile naturally

If you are not worrying about the photos, camera and just focused on each other than photographer will able to capture natural and beautiful shots of the two of you.

Avoid the fake tan

Many brides use fake tan but from my side, it is not advisable. You can’t get amazing photos because this is responsible for orange tinge in your photos. This fake tan creates a noticeable difference between you and your partner skin tones. Photos with a slight natural tan are far better than fake tan.

Just Relax

Bride and groom look amazing if they are relaxed and enjoy each moment. Have fun and be yourself. If you connect with the photographer and feel comfortable with him than this can help you to get relaxed while being photographed. The couple feels nervous or uncomfortable when they know they are being watched. So, take them away from the distraction.

Your hands will be the secret weapon to natural looking photos because if you are holding something than it will take the pressure off the pose. This helps you to take a relaxed photo.

Pose for portraits

It doesn’t matter which photography style you opt for your wedding day, whether it is traditional or natural. There are some elements where you have to pose for your portraits. Choose the pose in which you are comfortable and that comes naturally to you like hold each other, kiss each other, interact during the portrait session and so on. Also, listen to your photographer’s advice.