A wedding is a special moment for the bride and groom. The best day after the wedding is the day you get to see your wedding photos. Photography is an important thing in any event because this is the physical proof you will have of your event. So hire the best photographer to capture the special moments that you cherish throughout your lifetime.

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Haythem Lafhaj is a professional photographer. In this article, he shares a few things out of your photographer’s control and can ruin your wedding photos.

Bad Scheduling

A wedding day is stressful for everybody. It’s the responsibility of clients that everything should be on time such as decoration, hairstyle, makeup, etc. So that the photographer can take all the necessary photographs.  Make a wedding timeline and make sure that the entire morning is running on time. Make sure that the photograph should get enough time for photography.

Bad Decoration

The background is important to get awesome photos. Bad venue decor is responsible for the terrible photos that ruin your wedding photos. Make sure that you have beautiful decorations and the best location.


Everybody has smartphones and everyone likes to take pictures. People are just busy in clicking selfies or taking pictures of the bride and groom. Due to this professional photographer is not able to take photos and sometimes they miss the important moment. This thing is responsible for ruining your wedding photos.


Too many drinks make your face look sloppy. So don’t ruin your wedding day as well as your wedding photos.

Enjoy your wedding day and capture some stunning photos. A wedding is your day. So make sure that no one can ruin it. I hope you like this article and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.