Photography is not just an art or a hobby but also as a career option. Nowadays, photography has become more popular and demand has also risen. Photographer having a keen eye for breathtaking shots and skills to create a wonderful image. They work in a variety of field that varies from advertising to journalism. A good photographer does not just happen, it needs technical expertise as well as artistic knowledge. Photography technology such as software, editing, and cropping tools give an amazing effect to photo.

To become a successful photographer you must acquire key skills that help you to create an incredible image. It is necessary that the photographer has technical as well as artistic skills. These skills fall into the following categories: Hard skills and Soft skills.

There are many photographers who are amazing in technical components but not aware of artistic work and vice versa. The balance between hard skills and soft skills is necessary that help you to become a successful photographer. Haythem lafhaj discuss key skills that help you to become an incredible and creative photographer.

Hard Skills

It referred to as internal skills and makeup about 25% of a successful photographer. It is specific, quantifiable and measurable.  The hard skills involve the technical aspects as well as an artistic side because a good photographer is the mixture of these two talents. Camera, composition, aperture, focus and exposure control knowledge is important for technical and artistic side. You can improve your skills by simply practicing on your own. You can also join classes so that you can learn the technical aspect of photography.

Rules for hard skills are pretty much static and remain the same over the time. Hard skills address the photographer’s technical proficiency.

Soft Skills

It referred to as external skills and makeup about 75% of a successful photographer. The soft skills involve the ability to communicate effectively with your clients, fulfill the demand of the clients, etc. so this skill needs to be practiced with people. Communication and understanding come under this skill and it is key to building a relationship. It is the capability of the photographer to use positive words, positive attitude toward work and provide positive solutions to your clients. You have to understand what your clients need. This ability of a photographer to communicate effectively and professionalism are part of soft skills.

Rules for soft skills are dynamic and change based on the situation. It can also change depending on the subject. Soft skill address the photographer’s personal skills.

I hope you like this topic related to key skills that help to enhance a photographer’s technical proficiency and artistic side. Balance of hard skill and soft skill is very important. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.