Portrait photography can be quite difficult, but bringing things into the boudoir is completely a different challenge. Nowadays, boudoir photography has abruptly become one of the more popular forms of photography is engulfing almost all women or couples. Perhaps, the fame of this photo shoot did not come out overnight; rather it has taken a long history of traditional and unique style. However, this photography is promptly developing outside of the newlywed tradition.

Moreover, the new trends of this photo session allow entertaining your sensual side and lifting your self-esteem too. It’s an incredible opportunity to capture your individual captivating beauty through refined, intimate photos. Indeed, it’s a treasured experience to generate an everlasting image that will remind you and your partner about the exciting surrounding your relationship before the wedding. No one can beat the photographing skills of Haythem Lafhaj when talking about boudoir photography.  A boudoir session can by challenging for those who are shy but believe it or not this photo session brings you and your partner closer to each other as compared to previous.

There are so many things that need to be emphasized in such kind of sessions. From makeup to lingeries, poses to locations, everything must be given importance in order to achieve the most romantic photographs that you can cherish for a lifetime. Here, we are enlisting some amazing places in Washington DC for the boudoir session. Have a look at these places and don’t hesitate to capture your intimate moments at these fascinating places.

Swann House

Show off your elegance and give yourself a revere boost with photographs that you and your partner can treasure. Do it for yourself or for your partner but love every moment while getting photographing! Swann house in Washington, DC is the great place for such kind of photography. Get your intimate moments with your partner captured by Haythem Lafhaj photography. We bet you will treasure these photographs for the lifetime.

Dupont Circle

Who says you can’t pamper yourself? Have you ever gone through a boudoir session? If no then the right time has come for you to adore yourself. Experience the joy of getting captured over the canvas in the hottest pose! Whether you want a solo session or with your partner, Dupont circle would be a great place for such intimate poses.

DC Morrison House

Getting cozy with the partner before marriage is something that everyone craves for and boudoir photography is the right option to satisfy that craving. Those oh-so moments can be perfectly captured in DC Morrison House. Therefore, if you are living in Washington DC then you can go for your photo session at DC Morrison House.

Alexandria VA

If you want to give your fiancé a little eye candy, then go for boudoir session at Alexandria VA. After all, you have sacrificed so many things for your wedding and hence document such a momentous time in your life by getting it captured over the canvas!