This wedding was the epitome of the “best of both worlds.” Our team is one of the best wedding photographers in Washington DC. We started our job. Haythem Lafhaj spent the morning with Nadir and the groomsmen and Ashley spent her time photographing the bridesmaids during their prep. In and American wedding fashion, the bride and groom greeted their guests and entertained speeches during dinner.

The couple snuck out to change into their traditional wear and that’s when the real fun began. ( After the groom and half of the wedding party got stuck in an elevator for an hour and had to have the fire department rescue them)  This couple was still intent on having the best wedding day ever. And they did. The colorful attire during the traditional dances dazzled everyone and the party didn’t stop until past all of the children’s bedtimes- who we’re passed out under tables and chairs everywhere. A few people even got engaged that met that night! ( And we will be shooting their weddings in the spring!)

Now that is what we call a wedding!