As the best wedding photographers of Washington DC, Haytham Lafhaj and I have always wondered what would we do at our own weddings. Would we serve cake or cupcakes? Would we have a ceremony in our hometown of Minneapolis or in a far away country where our families were from? Would we have a big ceremony?… A small one? The list of what if’s were so vast that we felt we’d both be 40 by the time we found the “Right one”anyway.

When he met Danielle, he knew (and I knew) that he would marry her. Due to our occupation, of course I was excited about the photos and his immaculate plan for this woman that he loved so much.

The engagement photos were inspired by Jay-Z and Beyonce’s On the Run tour. This was perfect as Haytham and Danielle both travel often and had planned a “Wedding Tour” to celebrate their union.

I was lucky enough to be flown from Los Angeles to Manhattan to stay in a at the beautiful boutique hotel, Ink 48 with gorgeous rooftop views during the fall. Knowing a majority of the wedding party made this affair less work and more of a vacation that I will never forget. I wish these two all of the love and happiness in the world and am so excited to share these photos with our visitors.