Trends changes constantly and it is essential to stay up-to-date. These new trends leave you overwhelmed and confused. You can explore new and exciting fashion photography trends in this visual world. keeping up with the styles, techniques and photography trends can be a great source of inspiration.

One thing that doesn’t go out of fashion or style is good quality photos. Haythem Lafhaj picked up the main trends for you that you must know. So, check out this article to take away the confusion and also to keep in touch with new photography trends.

Vibrant color

This is the common trend now-a-days in which vibrant colors used in the photograph. Vibrant or electric colors make the picture more alive and also create a strong eye-catching message.

Candid shots

Viewers are looking for authenticity and originality. So that the photographers step out and prefer candid shots over the portraits for the natural-looking photos. This trend grabs the attention of the audience. Bright and vibrant pictures look amazing but dull and underexposed images will spoil everything.


It just the recreating the feeling of retro in photographs. Photographers create an 80s vibe in a picture and making a comeback of retro age to life. This is a new trend in photography. The use of bold colors and hard light help you to give a  retro look to your photographs.


It is so much fun to watch this effect. This effect is popular and used by many people to give a unique and amazing look to their photos. Due to this effect, the image gets distilled. In this type of photos, you see varied patterns.

Take me Along

This is becoming a new trend. You are clicked with the person you travel along. When you look at these pictures it gives a vibe that you and your partners are exploring new destinations and avenues.

Simple flatlays

Simple flatlays is popular and most of the people shift towards the flatlay images. It focuses on everyday items. This flatlay will always be eye-catching and grab the attention of the viewers.

Color gels

It continues to be a photography trend that gives a little touch of retro. Use of hard light to create a story to make it more interesting. Social media and advertising campaigns use this trend for their business purpose.

Minimalistic photographs

This becomes the new trend of the current era. Photographers use the whole frame to take their shot. It is important that the picture doesn’t look dull. The one thing is interesting in these photographs that the photographers capture pictures of small objects. When viewers look at these pictures it shows how it is a tiny speck in the big world.