Fashion trends and styles are changing constantly and become old in a matter of months. So, it is a challenge for models and photographers to showcase their work. They show their creativity, professionalism through their great fashion photography portfolio. Viewers always want to see something new and unique so it is important that you constantly adding images and staying up-to-date about the fashion trends.

Being a fashion photographer, you have to do a lot of hard work because photographers have to find the perfect clothing, ideal background, light, color and so on for their photoshoot to get the amazing photos. Your final picture depends on the purpose that whether you are shooting for print ads, or magazines or as a part of a personal appreciation for fashion.

It is hard to feel noticed in the world of competition. The professional portfolio is the tool due to which you get noticed by highlighting your uniqueness in it. Many photographers showcase their work but making a good impression is the first step to get entry in the photography industry.

Haythem Lafhaj is here to help you. In this article, he explained the importance of portfolio and how to create a photography portfolio. This will help you to launch your career in fashion but this needs your time and hard work.

How to create a photography portfolio

1. The portfolio is the best way of showing your work to the people. Creating a portfolio is a great idea but don’t forget about your budget. You don’t have to break the bank for creating your first portfolio. Hiring models and stylists can be expensive. The best way is that you can help each other. Find the models and stylists who want to build their portfolios or want to practice. This thing helps multiple people and also beneficial for you.

2. You have to decide that you want a paper portfolio or digital portfolio. Now-a-days, a lot of people prefer digital portfolio because it is easy to edit, cheap and easier way to showcase your photos online. The good thing about the paper portfolio is that you can physically arrange your photos. Whether you build paper or digital portfolio depend on the agents or editors or clients what they want.

3. The important part of the portfolio is that you can showcase your style, creativity, uniqueness, professionalism in your photos. You have to select the pictures that show your best work.

4. Don’t save the best for the last. Don’t put the same type of photos all at the start. 

5. Don’t be disappointed if your portfolio doesn’t lead you to success. Keep everybody comments and suggestions in your mind and take it into consideration when editing. This will help you to make a better fashion photography portfolio.