Technical and artistic are the two sides of photography. Creativity helps to make amazing fashion images that move the viewer. Fashion photography depends on the concept. Budget is also an important thing you have to keep in mind when you think about the high fashion shoot. This thing needs a creative mind to create great fashion photos in your budget. You have to develop a good strategy or find out the way to carry out a low cost and highly impactful photo shoot from start to end.

Haythem Lafhaj is the awesome photographer in the USA and his tips for building creative and budget-friendly fashion images help you to create a wonderful portfolio.  The consistent and cohesive portfolio attract viewers and this can make a path to become a successful photographer. A good photographer has the capability that he can express his unique point of view in every image that he captured.

Here are the tips to create unique and creative images:

Selection of Location

It is important to engage your audience. If the location is not real and it’s a set then you have to convince them that it’s real. Secondly, if you want to shoot in real location then look for a place according to your look or mood you had like to achieve.

You can shoot in the woods, near the sea, in the streets, an area with post-modern architecture and so on.

Unique perspectives for artistic fashion photography

If you have a unique perspective and know how to use it then you can create creative photos. You can capture photos from different angles and show your viewers a point of view they have never seen before. Taking photos from high and low angles can give you a creative result.

Try new styles

Experiment with the poses, avoid the use of classic or standard poses and find out new styles help you to create unique or creative pictures. Let the models or clients interact with the environment and allow them to move around and try different positions. But make one thing sure that poses you try don’t look awkward. Your model always looks natural and elegant.

Selection of color

This the great option you can try to give a creative look to your captured photos. You can also try other ways but the easiest one is by adjusting your hue, saturation, and lightness. You can adjust these three things by using editing software.

You can use color gel to give more color to your fashion photos. The color gel comes in different colors and sizes depending on the type of lighting you have such as Speedlite – small ones or Strobe lights- Big ones.

Use of long exposure

By using an exposure setting, you can take a long exposure to add motion in images.  This makes your photo attractive and unique. Long exposure can be used for the purpose to blur moving objects. Most of the fashion photos are static but you can capture motion in your photos by using Long exposure.