Wondering what to wear for your engagement photos and trying to figure out what outfits will look the best on you and on your fiance. Outfits are just as important as all the other things like location, posing, etc. Other question that strikes in the mind that what are the best colors for engagement pictures. If your outfit is not camera friendly then the photos not turn out as wonderful as you had hoped. If you are deciding how you and your fiance will dress then choose complementary clothes, avoid matching outfits and wear something you are comfortable. Try to stay away from unnecessary distraction.

Picking the perfect outfit for your engagement shoot is a challenging task and can be stressful. It is important that the couple look and feel gorgeous and comfortable in front of the camera during the photo shoot. Haythem Lafhaj gives you a quick guide on the best colors for engagement pictures and what to wear for your engagement shoot. Hire Haythem Lafhaj photography services for the best engagement pictures.

Choose a color palette

Pick 2-3 colors which you want to wear in the photo and then choose your outfit around that color palette. You can wear jeans, casual or any other dress and figure out what colors you want to stick with. It is important to keep a few things in your minds such as season- winter, spring or summertime, solid colors or print, be yourself and choose clothing that flatters you.

Colors that work best

Pick the color what compliment you the best and you can choose either light or dark tones. Here is some suggestion that would be great options for your photos: Grey and pink, blue and yellow, light blue and brown, dark blue and dark green, light olive green and denim, etc.

Avoid Matchy-Matchy Outfits

Wearing exact same colors are no more trendy. You can wear different shades of the same color and that way your looks are cohesive. So that they don’t look matchy-matchy. The couple can wear an outfit of different color that complement each other but there should be something similar in both of your outfits that allow your outfits to tie into each other.

Be Comfortable

During the engagement session, photographers capture couples photograph while they running together, spinning each other around and so on. So, it is important that they wear comfortable outfits that flow and s easy to move around in.

Earthy and neutral tones outfits

Couples wearing earthy or neutral tones color palette such as forest green, gray, black, brown, etc. These colors tend to beautifully your photograph and you can capture natural photos. These outfits compliment the two of you and this is a perfect look for outdoors engagement sessions.