Beach wedding is very appealing, romantic and beautiful. If you love outdoor, then the beach is the perfect location for your ceremony. It provides a great opportunity to create unique shots. Wedding photography is one of the most difficult genres because it is already stressful but good photos help us to forget stress. Photos are a great way to relive the good times. Some certain rules and guidelines will help you on the big day.

One of the most important things is to find a photographer that specializes in beach wedding photography. The good photographer can produce stunning wedding photos as they have the right equipment and plenty of experience. If you want amazing beach wedding photos, then Haythem Lafhaj is the best photographer. Here, he shares a few tips that help you to create unique, wonderful, memorable and beautiful photos.

Take photos in different lights

Beach looks different at various times of the day. Due to the light change, it gives you an amazing effect to your photos. An hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset is referred to as the golden hour. This time gives some soft glow and magical effect to your images. So timing is the most important to get the perfect shots. 

Carefully place the horizon

The most common problem in wide-open spaces is sloping horizons. Try to place your horizon off-centered because when you look at the photo then it gives the impression that the photo is cut in half. Keep the horizon straight, parallel to the edge of the photo and remember the rule of thirds.

Look for focal points

It is important to look for a point of interest or focal point when you are taking beach landscape photographs. So that your photos look attractive and interesting, not boring. The little feature shots can make your photos stunning.

Keep Equipment clean

During beach wedding photography, protecting your gear should be your priority because sand can be an enemy of your cameras, lenses and other equipment. Protect your gear by bringing zip lock bags, never put your camera directly on the sand, change lenses carefully, etc.

Look for reflections

Using your surroundings to show your creativity is a good idea. You can create interesting and meaningful compositions. Use a tide to get an awesome reflection. Guide your couple to the area where no movement in the water occurs, and you get a clean shot.

Taking beach wedding photos is quite challenging but also interesting. To create a beautiful beach wedding album you need a good photographer. Hire him and enjoy your unique beach wedding photography. I hope you like this article and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.