A wedding is the most important day for the bride and groom. They want everything perfect. The bride begins her wedding shopping and she wants someone who will capture her amazing moments. So she spends her time searching for the best photographer. A wedding is a stressful day for brides as well as for the photographer. Photographers have a lot of responsibility on his shoulder. They have to capture bridesmaids, groomsmen, families but they have to spend a lot of time and focus on just one person that is the bride.    You can’t afford to miss any moment of the bride.

Being a photographer is not an easy task. Taking the photos of the bride is exciting as well as challenging because capturing the emotions of the bride takes some extra effort. Haythem Lafhaj is one of the best wedding photographers and he shared 7 techniques for shooting a bride that will help you to take your bridal photography to another level.

Perfect light

The bride spends hours for getting a perfect look. She takes a lot of time getting her hair and makeup done. After the bride efforts, it’s time for the photographer that makes her shine. Lighting is the most important part of photography to get a wonderful photograph. The light coming through the window give natural look to the photos, so try poses near a window in her dressing room.

Make the bride comfortable

You should know what she likes about herself. Another thing, which parts of the wedding are important for her. This helps to capture unique images of the bride. Get to know your bride is important but make your bride feel comfortable is also necessary to get amazing photos. Give her a compliment that she looks good. This helps to make her relaxed, confident and comfortable. This also helps you to achieve a great or strong bridal portrait.


If the bride poses with a bouquet or sentimental item then this will add sentimental value to your image. On the other hand, if no prop available then tell her to grab the part of her dress because due to this bride not look confused about what to do with her hands.

Capture the details

Brides spend a ton of money as well as spend hours to get every detail perfect for their wedding. Don’t forget to photograph these things such as necklaces, hairpieces, earrings, dress, shoes, etc. This will help you to make the bride happy and also impress your other clients.

Create a moment

Emotions are the most important thing in the photographs that reflect your photography skills. This helps you to achieve the photo that you want. Capturing the movement makes your photos more amazing. Simply by guiding your bride to move from one pose to another, you tend to create a little bit of movement. This also makes your shots look more candid.